HEX group studies apps for healthy eating

In one of our research projects we are looking at the design of mobile apps for healthy behaviours. Among others, apps for healthy eating. We are investigating whether a user’s values and personality influences his or her preference for different apps.

To study this we are currently conducting an online survey. We are still looking for a lot of people to fill it in. You will be asked to look at different apps and let us know which one you prefer:

Cool! Take me to the study

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Voices of Delft

We are back on track with editing the iCare Documentary, which is now called Voices of Delft. You can find it under the heading “Community Engagement”. After posting a movie on quality of life, we have now released the next topic: Organisation of Care for Seniors. Next one will be about the community that provides care for seniors. So stay tuned!

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Evaluating Care@Home project




The project is going through its midterm review stage. European Union representative are visiting us in Amsterdam to evaluate the progress we have so far.

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Meeting the Care@Home partners


The partners for the Care@Home project are meeting to discuss the progress and plan future actions.

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HEX is attending ICOST 2013


We are attending the ICOST 2013 conference in Singapore. This international conference is attended by experts in home automation and healthcare assistive technology from around the world.
We are presenting the HEX multidisciplinary approach and value sensitive design methodology.

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First documentary video is published

The iCare documentary has been under heavy editing the past few weeks. The documentary is now split into 10 different subtopics viewing the support and care for seniors from different angles. The documentary has been rebranded as:
Voices of Delft, Perspectives on care for seniors.

We have published the first episode of the documentary discussing ‘Quality of Life’. You can find it on our website here

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Editing the iCare Documentary



Our group has collected hours of interviews with different members of the groups involved in healthcare for seniors. In continuing our iCare campaign, we are now editing the discussion and will start releasing the results this month. Keep checking this page for the announcement of the completed documentary.

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Positive Design Day at TU Delft

Today the Delft Institute of Positive Design was officially launched at the faculty of Industrial Design of our university. Aim of the institute is to bring together people to share and create knowledge to support designers in their attempts to design for human flourishing.

Positive Design does not work according to the formula that negating something negative is positive, but it starts out with the positive. Based on positive psychology questions such as What are the determinants of well-being?; what are the effects of different emotions on well-being?; how can people increase their happiness?; Or what are the effects of well-being on health and behavior? are in the focus and their answers can lead to new design opportunities and inspiration.

The Positive Design Day was packed, among other things, with inspiring speeches, a panel discussion (with Marc Hassenzahl, Andrew Shoben and Marije Vogelzang) and exhibitions of experience design projects.

IMAG1749-1  IMAG1751  IMAG1757-1

Even the food was designed to give a positive experience!



The Positive Design approach is surely something that our work in healthcare and support of senior citizens could benefit from. Creating technology with a positive lens by building on end-users’ strengths and designing for positive experiences and human flourishing (for all ages) should be one of our goals!


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HEX attended CHI conference

Last week the CHI conference took place in Paris. CHI is the premier conference in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and was attended this year by 3600 people from academia and industry. While it covers a broad range of interesting topics reaching from technology to humanities, the area of healthcare and wellbeing was once again one of the foci. We saw wonderful personal designs for people with dementia, exciting exergames for users with and without medical conditions and personal informatics apps for behavior change. Members of the HEX group contributed to the Personal Informatics workshop with a reflection on the link of user values to behavior change strategies in apps for healthy consumption. Furthermore, research of a HEX member on value sensitive prompts in co-design was presented. (More details to come soon on the HEX blog. Stay tuned!)

IMAG1581 IMAG1580

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Congratulations to our recent graduate!

On April 26 Gabriela Ascencio, master student of the industrial design (ID) faculty of TU Delft, received her M.Sc. diploma. The HEX group supported her project on designing a “mediator tool to increase the acceptance of technologies among seniors” in the role of clients. Her design was closely linked to our Care@Home system, and focused on providing means to seniors to discover the benefits of the Care@Home system at different stages of the ageing process. Her tool called ‘Realisation Pathway’ takes the users through a life journey and help them imagine how they can use the technology in everyday activities. Today Gabriela completed her project and presented the results.

We are happy with the innovative outcome of the project and congratulate Gabriela as well as her ID supervisors. We were delighted to see that some seniors who participated in the work attended Gabriela’s defense.

20130426-135849.jpg IMAG1550-1

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