Voices of Delft

The HEX group is working on a series of short documentary videos reflecting the current challenges, concerns and needs of stakeholders in the domain of support and care for seniors. People’s stories and experiences will be the focus of the documentary, so that it is easy to relate to. This documentary will be made available on this website for the public to view and comment on. Our main goals of the documentary are:

  • To give stakeholders a chance to state their perspectives on the current care situation
  • To raise awareness of current and future challenges in the support of seniors
  • To provide a platform for people to enter a discussion around these challenges
  • To serve as a starting point for user-centered design of new solutions.

Keeping in line with the vision of HEX, we are including the perspectives of as many involved parties as possible. We have so far collected hours of interviews. Some of the people we have talked to are:

The documentary is being released in short segments, each handling a specific topic.

Topic 1: Quality of life

Topic 2: Organisation of Care

Topic 3: The role of the social network or community

Topic 4: Technology in the care for seniors

Topic 5: Current initiatives in Delft and the Netherlands


Below is a short trailer from the documentary to give a glimpse of what is still to come: