Virtual Social Gym

The project will develop a “virtual social gym” application (VSG) for the ageing population: a platform to perform exercises at home while having the feeling of exercising together with a group of people, and stimulating the interaction with this group. Social gym is a social wellbeing activity to stimulate physical training of older adults while facilitating social relationships. It enables (independent living) older adults to understand and follow (without the need of external assistance) a training program together with a remote group of friends. Various types of sensing and monitoring technologies will be adopted not only to assess adherence to the plan, but to collect sufficient amount of information to create a virtual social gym where trainees can have the feeling of training together with others: a strong motivational aspect for anybody going to a “traditional” gym. The social aspect has been repeatedly confirmed as key to people’s wellbeing.


University of Trento


Delft University of Technology